Hair Closures  FAQ


 Hair closures are available in curly, wavy and straight , these closures can be worn by sewing, or simply clip-on to your existing hair.  If you prefer to weave all of your hair and enclosing it for a worry free hair style you can close the weave off by adding a hair closure to the front part of your hair.  Please consult your stylist for further information

  • Q. Are these closures breathable?
  • A. Yes all the closures we carry are breathable and washable, no need to worry your hair will stay in place beneath the closure
  • Q. Can they be coloured?
  • A. Yes all of our virgin hair closures are made from  virgin remy top grade human hair and can be coloured
  • Q. Does the closure have any baby hairs at the front to give it the natural look?
  • A. Yes all of our closures have baby hairs included in the front  to give the natural look 
  • Q. Can the hair be parted in any direction?
  • A. Yes all of our closures are made with hand knots to give the effect as though the hair is growing right from your scalp and because of this single knotting refine workmanship the closure looks very natural 
  • Q. I have hair loss at the top of my hair can I wear a hair closure?
  • A. Yes you can wear a hair closure if you have hair loss , by sewing clips on to the hair closure from the bottom part and clipping to you existing hair.  (Please make sure you purchase the correct size)