I receive many calls every day regarding human hair quality. Customers are always confused about the different types of human hair and many times they have purchase 2nd grade human hair at 1st grade prices. Let me set the record straight. Human hair has only two grades 1st grade hair and 2nd grade hair. 1st grade human hair is called remy or virgin remy hair. 2 nd grade human hair is called non-remy human hair, or regular hair. I always suggest to the customers to spend a little more and purchase a good quality hair from reputable stores that will not sell you 2nd grade human hair at 1st grade prices.

Today I would like to talk about the workmanship that goes into the construction of a Human Hair wig.


First Grade Virgin or Remy human Hair.

First grade Human Hair wigs are the highest quality wigs you can buy, and the most expensive. However the difference in quality is one you can really see and feel. More and more customers are making the investment in a first grade Human Hair wig that will keep looking great after a cheaper synthetic wig has tapped out. First grade Human Hair is just what it sounds like: real human hair. It takes six to ten ponytails to make a full wig. First grade Human Hair wigs still have the cuticle layer which is the outermost part of the hair strand. The cuticle layer of the hair is all flowing in the same direction, the way it would naturally. This keeps the hair from tangling and reflects light, making the hair natural looking and shiny.  Buy a first grade Human Hair wig and care for it properly and you will not just have the best-looking wig in Toronto, you will have the best-looking hair in Toronto!

A high quality wig will have a monofilament cap made of lace or gauze that is almost transparent. Hair is attached by hand-tying one strand at a time to the base. It is a slow and precise process that can take over two weeks for a single wig. But the results are worth the time: on a monofilament wig the hair strands can move freely, which allows for easier styling and for ventilation which keeps the scalp dry and cool. Best of all the hair appears to be growing straight from the scalp, resulting in the most natural looking wig on the market. 


Second grade also referred to as non-remy human hair.

Today I have decided to spend some time explaining human hair second grade also referred to as non-remy human hair. Non-remy hair is produced when the first grade is hackled and the hair left in the hackled with the roots and tips of the hair all mixed up is call non-remy hair also known as second grade human hair. Because the roots and tips of the hair is mixed the hair cuticles are not going in the same direction and if the hair cuticles are not in the same direction the hair will tangle.

To prevent this massive tangle the hair companies acid wash the hair with acids. Ever wonder why sometimes when you wash your human hair wigs or weaves it has a smell? Well what you are smelling is the chemicals used to totally removed the cuticles , if these hair cuticles from the non-remy hair are not removed the hair will tangle. This type of human hair is called regular human hair and is sometimes priced for $20.00 a pack for 4ozs. By using this hair some people will have itchy scalp and sometimes headaches. I would suggest you wash second grade human hair before attaching to you existing hair.

As a person who is experience in the processing of human hair I would like to share with you a little info into the world of hair processing. After the hair is removed from the person head the hair kept in the same direction is consider first grade, when this hair is hackled to separate the short strands of hair from the longer strands once the hair continues to be kept in the very same direction when it was removed this continues to be first grade human hair. Once the roots and tips of the hair is mixed this becomes second grade human hair, or another word non remy. Non remy human hair is consider second grade. I would also like to share an experience with you I had when I was training in Korea. I was learning how to process second grade human hair in a hair factory and because I did not know how to speak Korean everything was done by sign language. When the chemicals were mixed together with the acids a cloud of fumes escaped and I was trapped inside the factory and almost lost my eyesight, when I returned to Toronto, for about 6 months I had problems with the nerves in one of my eyes this is just to explain to you the harsh chemicals that are used to process second grade human hair. Some hair companies use these same chemicals to process first grade human hair, I advise my clients to purchase virgin hair or hair that was not given harsh acid wash.


Second grade also referred to as non-remy human hair.

So now you know why a Human Hair wig costs more than a synthetic wig. But rest assured, a first grade Human Hair wig is the best made wig you can buy and can last six to eight years if it is properly maintained. The wig will come with the correct care instructions that you should follow to the letter. Also, consider investing in a good wig stand. It’s essential to place your Human Hair wig on a stand while in storage to preserve the wigs shape. The wig stand will also help air out the wig and allow it to dry properly after washing. You can also use the wig stand while styling your wig. What products do you need to wash and style your wig? Because the hair may be slightly processed it is best to purchase a Human Hair Kit. The kit comes with the shampoo and conditioner and finishing spray specially formulated to use on Human Hair wigs.