Medical wigs Toronto

For people who have lost their hair, either temporarily due to chemotherapy, or permanently due to a medical condition, wigs are one of the most popular options. Selecting a wig as your hair replacement option requires no surgery and is a small monetary investment compared to other options.
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Medical wigs are wigs that have special features such as a secure fit, added comfort and a natural appearance. In today's wigs making world, the entire wig could be totally hand-crafted or partial hand-crafted. Partial hand-crafted wigs can give the appearance as though the hair is growing from the scalp. A new technology called non-slip grips is a special silicone non-slip material to prevent the wig from shifting on the head. For sensitive scalp these wigs have a cushioned soft material and is suitable for Alopecia, Chemotherapy or other medical treatments clients. For further information please call 416 624 6560 or 416 694 5553 for a consultation.

Picture this a person for the very first time visiting a beauty supply store and trying to decide which bag of hair to purchase? This can be very difficult if the person selling the hair has no knowledge about the hair . What i am saying is too often people selling human hair has no clue about the product. Customers always call me about different brands of human hair and some would say this brand of hair is better than the other brand of hair. I often share an experience i had when i was in Indonesia, I took a train for 3 hours into the country side to visit one of the largest hair factory in the world. To my surprise this company was packaging human hair for many different hair companies in North America , in one corner there was this popular brand and in the other corner was another popular brand of hair being package for export to the North, yet each company was saying there hair was better than the other. So with human hair the most important question is, is it first grade or second grade?. First grade is remy or remy virgin or second grade is non- remy. I really do not care about the different brands of hair however after i know if it is first grade or second grade then i proceed to find out how it was process. Buyer beware.

Wigs and Chemotherapy

Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer go through many physical changes, including hair loss.
Some cancer medications designed to treat aggressive cancers cause total hair loss, other medications may cause hair to thin.
Hair usually starts growing back a few weeks after the last treatment, however while treatment is ongoing many patients choose to wear a wig.
Losing your hair can be very traumatic, and a wig can help raise confidence and keep your spirits up during a difficult time.

People who are considering chemotherapy should ask their doctor about a prescription for what is called a "hair prosthesis". Many insurance companies will cover the cost of a wig needed for medical purposes. Many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments lose their hair fairly quickly. It's quite likely that 14 days after your first treatment, your hair will have fallen out. That's why it's important to get fitted for a wig BEFORE you begin your treatment. We can find a wig that exactly matches your hair colour, and you can take it in to a hairdresser to have it styled, while your hair is still looking its best. Also chemotherapy is quite physically demanding for most people, and once you are receiving treatments going out and shopping for a wig may be the last thing you feel like doing. Getting a wig before you begin your first treatment is a positive and proactive step. Losing your hair can be very traumatic, but having a beautiful wig onhand may help ease the shock of the process. I believe very much in the power of positive thinking, and being confident about how you look can go a long way in helping you stay strong during a time when you will need all your strength.

Hair Tips for Cancer Patients

Now that we've talked about the importance of getting a wig before you begin treatments, I want to go into more detail about how a cancer patient can minimize stress around hair loss. The first step is to get a well fitted and high quality wig. Then, in my opinion, the patient should remove their hair, either shaving it bald or cutting it short, before their first treatment. Having your hair fall out can be very traumatizing and cause people to panic. If your hair is cut very short, or already shaved, you will spare yourself this ordeal. Avoiding the stress of your hair falling out, and having a wig that looks and feels just like your natural hair, will go a long way towards keeping you feeling positive and strong.


Alopecia means loss of hair from the head or body. Alopecia can occur as a result of age, genetic factors, hormone levels, or even certain hairstyling routines such as tight ponytails or braids or excessive use of hair relaxer solutions or hot hair irons. Sometimes Alopecia is an indicator of an underlying medical condition, such as iron deficiency.

There are medications available to treat alopecia, as well as surgical options such as follicle transplants. A high quality, natural looking wig can be used in conjunction with these treatments, or as an alternative to them. Patients suffering from Alopecia often find that a wig is a simple and effective way to deal with hair loss.