Synthetic Hair



Give Your Hair a Vacation

Years of styling can leave hair dry, brittle and damaged. You can spend a small fortune on more products that just mask the problem, or you can let your hair heal under a fashionable and natural-looking wig. With a wig you never have a bad hair day and you give your real hair a much needed break from styling.

Children's Wigs

A child wearing a wig is totally different from an adult wearing a wig. Sometimes a child ends up wearing a wig that is sized for an adult. When purchasing a wig for a child please remember that a child has to play, and do all the things that a child does. In my opinion children should use disposable wigs in other words "throw away units" there is a full cap called the NX-GEN SKIN EFFECTS unit, this unit is made from 100% human hair length of the hair is around 14 to 16 inches. Base is micro-thin skin with special V-loop throughout. Application type is full head bonding only and this unit can be cut down to size, there is no need for a custom made work. This unit is also free style and last for 3 months, it is recommended that these units be purchased on a programme sale . My next suggestion for a child would be the stretch cap lace wigs with self grips.

Men's Hair Systems

Regarding men's hair systems, before shopping for a hair system ( toupee ) one should first do their homework properly. Please look at the quality of hair and also the type of base. Also, check to see if the type of construction of the hairpiece is made by hand, or machine? Please remember in the hair industry the finest workman-ship is done by hand not a machine (made to look as though it is done by hand). Over the years I have probably cut and style thousands of hair systems and before selling a hair system I first meet with the client and explain again the different types of hair systems since we are always updating our hair systems with the latest style and designs.

European Wigs

Writing this blog will make a lot of people upset however I really do not care since I am know for being outspoken in the hair industry. European wigs are over priced and a complete waste of money. For people who have thousand of dollars to throw away then they can go right ahead and purchase a European wig.

I know in some religions they prefer European wigs however these customers can also purchase Brazilian hair wigs which will come in the original colours and works perfectly fine. Remember it all comes down to the workmanship of the wig. How was it made? By hand or by machine? I have seen European wigs all machine made cheap work for $2000 to $3500 dollars and further more how can you the customer tell if the hair is European hair? and is it first grade European hair or second grade European hair? I think the price for European wigs should be reduced especially the machine sewn European human hair wigs.

Blended Wigs

A client came to see me last week and bought a wig she had purchased from a reputable wig shop in Toronto. The client told me the wig was a blended wig and inside the wig said blended fibre. Blended wigs I explain to her has several meanings. The client thought she had purchased human hair blended with synthetic hair, however after I tested the wig there were no human hair mixed with the synthetic fibre. What the client actually purchased was two colours blended together this is called blended colours. I would suggest to customers purchasing blended wigs please ask questions is the wig a blended human hair mixed with synthetic hair? Or a wig that is totally synthetic however it is blended with two different colours synthetic fibre?

Lace Front Wigs

As a master wig maker and designer, I have worked with lace front wigs for many years, both with customers and in the movie industry. I am considered an expert on this topic and would like to share some important information about these very natural looking wigs.

There are many things to consider when buying a lace front wig such as: type of lace (French, Swiss, etc.), grade of hair, virgin or processed, number of knots per strand, and the reputation of the wig maker/seller. With Internet shopping becoming so popular, customers can now easily find and purchase these wigs online. But buyer beware... I have seen many customers get ripped off this way. What you see online is sometimes not what you get delivered to your door. At Hair & Cuticle Inc., we use the finest Indian Remy and European hair to make all of hair products (wigs, extensions, clip-on, etc.) and ensure strict quality control in our manufacturing process.

To make a lace front wig, the wig weaver must take each strand and intertwine it with the other, creating a natural mesh to be worn on the forehead. This natural looking foundation is structured to look like a natural fringe or bangs that grows out of your own scalp. A very fine lace tape or adhesive is then used to secure the wig to your skin, creating the illusion of a natural hairline – no one will know it’s not your own hair!

I recommend this type of wig to customers who have hair loss due to chemotherapy, illness or alopecia. It is also very suitable for those looking for a fashion wig to change their look or add style for a special occasion.